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The e-Commerce Polska Breakfast

In 2016, we’ve planned new legislative activity "The e-Commerce Poland Breakfast" - such as breakfast meetings, during will be discussed important issues from the point of view of legislative e-economy, having a significant impact on economic activity and functioning of e-companies.

The scope of basic:

  • Art. 172 of the Telecommunications Law (December 2015)
  • Protection of personal data from the point of view of e-Commerce
  • Legal barriers in national legislation in terms of e-Commerce 
  • e-Commerce as a key factor in the development and growth national economies and the European Union - cross-border sales and exports as an opportunity for growth in e-sales for the Polish economy
  • Digitalization of communication services, e-Identification and trust services - still a challenge or longer necessary?
  • Opportunities to support and development of digital identification and trust services in various industries of the digital economy 

Video blog e-Commerce Poland - Legislative interviews with legal experts and the participants Breakfasts e-Commerce

The scope of optional:

  • Legal aspects of Internet marketing
  • Protecting customer bases and business secrets
  • Online providers responsibility
  • Challenges of domestic legislation in the context of the digital single market and a single capital market
  • Legal aspects of Omnichannel
  • Postal service vs. courier service: innovative technologies for deliveries; new challenges, old problems in the European
  • market in terms of shipments and packages; delivery as an important element in the development of e-commerce.