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e-Commerce Polska conferences

In 2016, we plan to engage our members and partners in the educational and networking activities. Consequently, we planned:

FORUM E-COMMERCE 2016 - 16-17 February 2016

During 16-17 February 2016 will take place a two-day special "Forum of ecommerce". Program was planned by experts of e-Izba.

  • The projected number of participants is 600 people
  • Approximately 50 speakers
  • 5 panel discussions

The first day is aimed at those who plan to enter the online business or who are planning to raise their skills in the field of e-commerce: find ideas and inspiration for your business. In the first day of the conference are scheduled four thematic blocks:

  • DAY ONE: From rags to riches. How to build and develop e-shop and why shortcut is the longest way?
  • DAY TWO: DIGITAL COMMERCE - Omnichannel Sales.

Forum E-COMMERCE 2016 is organised during the Fair E-SOLUTIONS.



e-Commerce Polska Inspirations - new networking sessions.

In 2016 there are planned 2 networking sessions.

Time range: 19:00-24:00
Entry only for Members and Partners of e-Izba


  • 23.06
  • 05.10


  • Inspirational presentation or panel
  • Business networking

Conferences in the series DIGITAL COMMERCE - Omnichannel Sales.

Dedicated conferences of e-Izba. Free for members and partners of e-Izba.

OMNICHANNEL. How to reach the consumer through effective
online marketing. - Specialist conference for shops.

  • Date: 04/20/2016
  • Place: Sienna Training Centre, Warsaw
  • No of people: 60

DIGITAL COMMERCE: Digital competence in terms of the
challenges of e-commerce, in sociological terms of generations,
"Digital" - together with the Academy of Leon Koźmiński.