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Code of Ethics


Following Code of Ethics has been created to introduce Professional and personal ethics of members of e-Chamber and Business entities working along.



Members and Partners of Chamber of Digital Economy (further called
“e-Chamber”) are committed to:

  1. give its full name, full name of the person or name of the company or companies for which they work or represent and make statements about businesses, goals or ideas and in cases when necessary about Clients or Members whom they represent,
  2. care that they information provided were full, up-to-date and correct and to provide information in the interest of the parties interested in a manner consistent with the truth while maintaining high standards of conduct,
  3. not obtain or not to try to obtain information or decisions in a foul way or using excessive force or improper conduct, in particular not to encourage members of e-Chamber nor cooperating with e-Chamber entities, institutions or individuals to violate rules of conduct to which they are subjects,
  4. not sell third parties copies of documents provided by e-Chamber or other institutions e-Chamber is cooperating with, except cases under the expressed consent,
  5. accurately inform about their obligations in relation to other persons, entities or parties,
  6. maintain competence in their respective fields, and commit to take only those actions that are able to perform in accordance with their skills, knowledge and competencies,
  7. ensure the transparency of the work regarding e-Chamber: to inform the relevant parties involved in the action by revealing the results of the work of all material facts known to them,
  8. perform their duties with diligence and professional care, in accordance with applicable professional standards,
  9. comply with the standards and internal regulations set by e-Chamber, and in case of their absence to follow most common best practices set by the institutions operating in the EU to promote industry standards in the broader digital economy,
  10. that during the process of the employment of former employees or other former e-Chamber staff, including assistants, trainees and apprentices, they comply with the obligation for these persons complying with the rules and confidentiality requirements, which they are subjects, and to avoid any possible conflict of interest, obtain the prior consent of the interested party and then report it to e-Chamber registry.

Failure to comply with this Code of Professional Ethics may lead to carry an admonition in relation to e-Chamber member, and ultimately to the application of disciplinary measures.