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Benefits for solution and service providers



  • Win a client using cooperation with the member companies of e-Chamber
  • Find the best innovative solution that will help you in cooperation with the companies associated in e-Chamber.
  • Create a strong digital society with us
  • Take part in networking events building business relations
  • Show your clients that you belong to a prestigious and international organization- you have a seal of an e-Chamber member


 AREAS of our activity:

SEAL: it distinguishes your company on the market- show your clients that you belong to a prestigious and international organization:

  • Each company associated in e- Chamber receives a membership seal
  • This sign, due to its recognition and marketing effectiveness, constitutes a great promotion value for the companies associated in the e-Chamber.
  • The seal may be used on the websites as well as on banners and marketing folders. Each company that becomes affiliated with the e- Chamber is verified.


Networking events during which we build business relations and we win new potential clients

  • Use the possibilities for business matching with the e-Chamber- among members, the e-Chamber matches businesses directly via email.
  • During events - we directly match companies on the business level.



  • Strong industry support in order to avoid legal barriers hindering development of digital economy
  • Free participation in a focus group dealing with legislation actions.
  • Participation in a group consulting positions for State institutions.
  • Free access to a database of legal experts specializing in commercial law, IT, e-commerce, personal data and privacy law, etc.

Our legislation successes:

  • Ban on trade on Sunday will enter into force on 1 March, 2018. It DOES NOT INCLUDE e-commerce. This is thanks to the e-Chamber’s actions that lasted over a year.
  • We have prepared a dozen of industrial positions, among them on geoblocking, CIT and PIT tax and as regards the government project of the Act Amending the Act on the Social Security Scheme and other acts of 31 October, 2017.



  • Companies can participate in trainings concluding with a certificate of the School of Digital Economy
  • Getting a certificate of the School after passing the exam
  • Educational opportunities at colleges where the Chamber of Digital Economy has majors in the area of e-commerce.
  • Preparing educational activities of e-Chamber
  • Preparing activities in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education

FOCUS GROUPS: business networking and exchange of know-how

  • Groups:
    • education,
    • e-logistics,
    • e-legislation
    • performance marketing
    • e-payments
    • e-services
  • Participation in preparing guidebooks
  • Participation in developing best practices
  • Participation in developing standards
  • Developing expert materials
  • Meetings take place several times a year

RESEARCHES and bank of digital knowledge: we encourage you to take advantage of all reports and guidebooks:

  • Free access to e-Chamber reports:
  • ‘e-Commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska’
  • ‘I like it or I buy it’
  • ‘m-Commerce. I buy via mobile’.
  • ‘e-Payments’
  • ‘e-Grocery- grocery shopping in 2018’
  • Possibility to be promoted in reports

EVENTS IN E-CHAMBER: Networking during which we build business relations and we win new potential clients

  • New in 2018! - e-Chamber Tool Day- members will present their offers to shops, banks and insurance companies
  • School of Digital Economy- cross-border trade with cooperation with the Ministry of Development
  • Forum of e-Commerce- the biggest event of the e-Chamber
  • e-Commerce Poland awards 2018- reach out for an award!
  • Commerce Poland awards and Eminent Personality of the Polish Digital Economy
  • I buy on the Internet- we invite to promote online shopping with us
  • Participation in the e-Chamber’s rebate Monday
  • Participation in the e-Chamber’s local activities

SUPPORT OF COMPANY IMAGE: each company joining the e- Chamber receives PR support in the area of:

  • Communication of the associated companies through e-Chamber weekly mailing and the Magazine issued by the e-Chamber
  • Promotion of the associated companies’ events
  • Promotion of the associated companies’ successes
  • Exposition of the company in “e-Commerce Polska: Catalogue of companies and services”
  • Communication of expert materials of the associated companies to media and business
  • Communication by experts speaking during the School of Digital Economy and other e-Chamber events

E-CHAMBER LOCALLY: Engagement in local activities in the following regions: 

    • Śląsk (Silesia)
    • Małopolska
  • Participation in local Schools of e-commerce
  • Partnership in educational action I BUY ON THE INTERNET- locally
  • Polish Regional Digital Economy: co-creation of project
  • Local promotion of the companies associated in e-Chamber